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Choir MardiSonnants (2004-23)

A capella mixed choir

The mixed choir a capella, explores a repertoire of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern songs, greedy of vocal adventures, always starting for new adventures : they give voice in the calanques of Marseilles or on the Corsican paths, they vociferate in public gardens or at the top of the Sainte-Victoire, they bewitche the mermaids of the opera of Marseille, they stroll  in the streets.

The rehearsals are conducted by Brigitte Cirla, conductor, assisted by Isabelle Lopez, vocal technique teacher.

about 28 people rehearse in the music room in La Friche every tuesday, 19h30 to 22h30.

New registrations are usually made every year in September. Contact us :

Indéchiffrables creates each year adventures with professional partners.

This year 23-24, we welcome Sébastien Béranger and his project «Ba[2L]ades», creation for a participatory and electro-acoustic choir. Performances scheduled for June 4, 24 at La Friche Belle de Mai and June 6, 24 at Harmonie 13016.

And we will also work once a month with Amine Soufari, choirmaster, composer around the Algerian vocal repertoire.
Calendar: January 9, February 13, March 12, April 9, May 7.


every tuesday, 19h30 to 22h30
La Friche Belle de Mai
La friche belle de mai
L’Harmonie 13016
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    A. Ramirez Argentine ; D. Hristov Bulgarie ; Sayed Darwich Egypte; D. Andreo Espagne ; M. Kaasinen, J. Sibelius Finlande ; M. Suner, E. Bovon, L.Ginoux France; C.Parr, O. Taktakishvili Géorgie ; Lajos Bárdos; B. Bartok, Hongrie ; B. S. Johannes Indonésie ; V. Paranjoti, A. R. Rahman, E. Sperry Inde ; G. Liberto Italie ; R. Ogura, S. Osamu Japon ; Yongrub Mongolie ; S. Abu Khader Palestine ; P. Purba Philippines ; H.Chadwick Royaume-Uni; A. Archangelski Russie ; E. Torikian, S. Bali Syrie ; M. Sun Turquie ;