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The Singing Banquet (2012)

Come enjoy the ambiance amongst the companionship and the pleasures of a sumptuous banquet along the banks of the Black Sea, a lieu of sharing poetic ecstasy, an ideal ravishing place devoted to the pleasures of the senses, the art of listening along with the relishing sensation of true taste, gastronomy !

The evening performance blends with the pleasures of taste to the quality of listening stimulating your imagination. Celebrating the art of living and exploring the expressive ways of a refined culture and civilisation.

« I dreamt of ancient banquets interwined with the audacity of gastronomy and the art of words. I also dreamt of convivial and imagintive gatherings within the spectacle. »

« I dreamt of a total spectacle with a poetic touch,comical- philosphical, audaciously trival and warm emotions, allowing you to dream through the vibrant singing, laugh and think while listening to the textes, recipes to salivate and music to dance to. I dreamt of a rare and unique magical moment where our 5 receptors are in total extasy.

The tables desplayed in the shape of a star, space in the centre to perform just like a circus, a huge screen « chinese shades » where you can visualise the cooks, a descendingchandelier with wonderful secretive preperations, special shared moment of songs, and an assembly with their venitienne masks dancing through a gentle valse» B. Cirla


6, 7 and 8 Décembre 2012
Salle Seita, La Friche belle de Mai, Marseille
  • Teaser 4′