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Sundjorsdraugen (2007)

SUNDJORSDRAUGEN Festival STEDSANS 2007 | Porsgrunn, Norway « Sundjorsdraugen – Le dragon de Sundjor »

A visual and sound aquatic show, a silent kitch love and adventure film, a small Bridge of Sighs for a romantic encounter, a wooden boat with a funny crew, a screen where the scenes appear in shadows.

A dreadful and formidable monster, inflatable, hides in the canal. The dialogues, sound effects and music are interpreted by the ship orchestra.

The hero comes out of the water, dragging behind him his cohort of inflatable dragons, closely followed by a floating gramophone distilling Ravel. The heroine, on the bridge, is in turn megaphonist, geisha, lover, commentator and victorious. A surreal dialogue from one bank to the other, a dance of love up to the general striptease, the song of Dardanus of Rameau «Awful monster» accompanied by a trio of brass and an air pump, a terrible battle against an inflatable crocodile under a thunder of percussion, a final victory where the heroine crowns the victorious hero knight. The word end is written on the screen and the canal recovers its flowers and its tranquility.


31 Aout au 9 septembre
Porsgrunn, Norvège
  • Casting

    Artistic and musical direction : Brigitte Cirla, Nadine Esteve | upon an original idea of Vincent Audat
    Arrangements: Nadine Esteve
    Text : Guandaline Sagliocco

    With: Vincent Audat, singer and performer, Guandaline Sagliocco, performer

    On the boat: Olav Hanto (tuba and french horn), Inger Anne Stavran (saxophone alto), Aina Kristine Solvang (trombon), Malin Bratlie,Kathrine Berntsen, Tony Brown, Maria Løkken, Jonas Borgan Olsen, Anette Röde Hagnell, Signy Willums
    Coproduction Grenland Friteater & Voix Polyphoniques