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Nakasoné (1991-2014)

The stage : a kitchen, with a table, two chairs, a refrigerator, some vegetables, a knife.

At the beginning, an a capella duet which is performing since 1991 all over Europe. Two voices, but also two actors and a meeting with a director and light effects… And then, the desire to go further, to explore new ways ,to slip in a new theater dimension
The stage : a kitchen, with a table, two chairs, a refrigerator, some vegetables, a knife.
The plot: a couple cooks and is cooked, duet in love or domestic conflict?
The style: burlesque tragy-comedy with lyrical vocalises.
The visual story is inspired by the Balthus’ s paintings without seeking neither to illustrate them nor to reproduce them.
The objects are not used in their usual function: the vegetable peelings become the colors of the pallet of a painter. The refrigerator, luminous body, is by turns an altar, a small castle, a partner or a fridge.
The thread of the story: daily relationship between a man and a woman, Man and Woman. Daily life, in a language we do not understand but which echoes deeply in ourselves and which simply reminds us the essencet of human relationships.The thread is the song, the music, the languages kurdish, gypsies, Hungarian, Yiddish, Neapolitan, Greek orthodoxe which sound with strangeness and familiarity.

The challenge is to work upside down; to start from the sound of the words in order to reveal the meaning of the language, the logic of the story; to find the coherence of the play by exploring the song like children playing, laughing and crying at the same time.


2008, France
Théâtre du Lierre, Paris (France)
2005 tours, Cuba, Germany, Poland
Festival Magdalena Sin fronteras: La Havane, Santa Clara (Cuba), “Rund uns Mittelmeer”: Wuppertal (Germany), ISTA: Wroclaw (Poland)
2004 tours Danmark, Italy
Festival Transit: Holstebro (Danmark), Festival “L’arlecchino errante” Pordenone (Italy)
2002, Taiwan
Festival Taipei (Taiwan)
1993 France
creation in Maison de l’étranger, Marseille
  • 2005 Nakasoné trailer

  • Casting

    Stage direction : Anne De Broca
    Vincent Audat: Baryton and performer
    Brigitte Cirla: mezzo-soprano and performer
    Lights : Marc Chauvelin
    Scenography: Vincent Audat

  • Partners

    Production: Voix Polyphoniques
    With the support of La Réplique (Marseille)

  • Répertoire

    Sourate, Orthodoxe russian and greek, Arrgt: Vincent Audat
    Ay Nararara, hungarian traditionnal, Arrgt: Vincent Audat/Brigitte Cirla
    Ay Dédéna, hungarian traditionnal, Arrgt: Vincent Audat / Brigitte Cirla
    Yamina, yiddish traditionnal , Arrgt: Bratsch,
    Opnich Kingiri, yiddish traditionnal, Arrgt: Bratsch,
    Jalousie, Jacob Gade, Music and text:  A. Mauphrey and J. Larue
    Voï voï, Music : Mikis Theodorakis
    Alefa, Traditionnal italian
    Alger, Alger, Lili Boniche, judéo-arab
    To Barburi, Music : Didier Labbé Text:  Vincent Audat
    Posto seis/Posto nove,  Music : Didier Labbé Text:  Vincent Audat
    Abu Kilia, kurdish traditionnal, Arrgt: Brigitte Cirla
    Esce Sole, Music and text : Roberto Di Simone
    Che Bella Voca, Music and text : Roberto Di Simone
    Vurria ca fosse ciaola, Music and text : Roberto Di Simon, Arrgt: Serge  Dutrilleux