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Mirrors/echoes (2022-24)

Mixed creation for choir, recorded voices and electronics

The «Belle équipe» is an amateur vocal group. The composer, Sébastien Béranger will write specifically for their voices, record them, transform this sound material, and then design a custom-made score where the choir will sing with the electronic metamorphoses of itself! 

The project title “Mirrors||Echoes” reflects this desire for dialogue between acoustic singing and its transformations by the machine.


acoustic singing and its transformations by the machine.


26 juin 2022
PIC Télémaque – Marseille
11 september 2022
Alleins’s church, 13980
L’harmonie, Marseille 13016
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  • Casting

    Composer: Sébastien Béranger

    Coordination of the project: Brigitte Cirla

    • The vocal ensemble « La belle équipe » : 5 singers
    • The choirs Indéchiffrables : 28 chorists
    • Other participants (texts reading, interviews, sound recordings) : about 100 people, family, friends, people from the neighbourhood Belle de Mai and schools.
  • Partenaires

    Miroirs||Echos is coproduced by Voix Polyphoniques, the choirs indéchiffrables and Difffusion. The project will be hosted in Voix polyphoniques ‘s rehearsal room, in la Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille) for the conception and rehearsals (january to june 2022). Difffusion will provide its technology equipment and its electroacoustic creation studio.

    Miroirs||Echos will be welcomed in residency at the PIC Télémaque (Marseille) in June 2022, with a public creation on Sunday, June 26.

    The project is supported by the DRAC PACA, CD13 et Maison de la musique contemporaine.