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The new creative wave

Reveal, the creative child and the creativity of professionals of early childhood through innovative artistic projects;

All these projects are initiated by Trigone- Pascal Bély, who creates and animates a network of artistic projects aiming at revealing the creative child and the creativity of professionals working with early childhood

« Tout-Petit Soprano: »
 is the musical project of The New Wave. Directed by Brigitte Cirla, it aims to revisit the singing heritage of early childhood and to create ripple effects  from structure to structure, from family to family, from celebration to celebration…

Training: “Art, creativity and early childhood”:

Since 2011, this eight-day course has been the foundation of the La Nouvelle Vague network. It welcomes professionals from all over the network. The association Maison de l’Enfance in Saint-Maximin joined the network in 2019 through this course, as well as  the Léo Lagrange Fédération  in 2020. We invite the nursary «Un Air de Printemps» and «Un Air de Famille» of Auteuil Petite Enfance to join us in 2021.

Tout Petit Soprano’s  repetory: here

Art reveals the values of early childhood actors. Their strengths: expose it, be different together, share the project”.



During 2019 and early 2021, a group of «Tout-Petit Soprano» wrote and sang in La Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille a repertoire with the support of the singer and performer Brigitte Cirla.
This repertoire will be the starting point of the 2021-2022 season to enrich it, transform it and make it live with toddlers and teams.
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