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The voice, the language (2021)

Opératorio for singers, performers, choir, increased vibraphone and electro-acoustic device.

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Existing languages and imaginary, double and multiple languages… the origin of words, light and shadow, the visible and the invisible, the lived and the becoming.

Based on a dramaturgy dealing with the impoverishment and disappearance of the language, this project aims to question how phonemes generate a musical discourse. The scenic device will place the audience at the center surrounded by the performers-singers, the choir, the vibraphone and the speakers.

For the past twenty years, Alex Grillo has tirelessly explored this relationship between word and sound until it hits him. His various collaborations with authors led him to meet Edith Azam with whom he created «À tue texte», a textual fanfare for the public space (Marseille, Calais, Martigues) where the spoken text was the material delivered to the choristers.
«The voice, the language» is a continuation of this work by introducing the sung voice and electro-acoustic while keeping the spoken voice as a sound poetry.

“The language over the years, over the centuries, has been crushed, kneaded, manipulated! It has lost all its meaning, all its taste. The man knocked her down: she takes revenge!” Edith Azam


20 june 2021
PIC Télémaque – Marseille
22 june 2021
GMEM Centre de Création Musicale – Marseille
3 july 2021
Le Nautilus – La Levade 07380
4 july 2021
Le Nautilus – La Levade 07380
14 july 2021
3BISF – Aix en Provence
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  • Teaser son – La voix la langue