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Songs of the Black Sea (2003-13)

Un concert A Capella à 3 voix qui superpose 2 voyages

A musical journey that traverses the shores of the Black Sea and confronts two polyphonic traditions which faces each other: Georgia with its tradition that dates back to
Aristotle and Bulgaria with its history of feminine Polyphonic music along with Turkey
crossing in the middle, a country of monaural tradition.

An ethnomusicological journey which took place in 2002: Brigitte Cirla, and two other professors from Tbilisi Conservatory covered several different regions of Georgia,. The “field trip” was part of the Conservatory program which allowed recordings of songs and to rewriting to preserve traces of this heritage.

The concert is punctuated with extracts from Bridget CIRLA’s Travel Diary, going
back over her journey, her encounters, along with anecdotes, several stories gleaned here
and there, a common theme that leads the listener into a multiple imagery mode.

  • Chants de la Mer Noire - © R. BIGUE 2011
    Chants de la Mer Noire – © R. BIGUE 2011
  • Chants de la Mer Noire - © R. BIGUE 2011
    Chants de la Mer Noire – © R. BIGUE 2011
Un groupe a capella à géométrie variable à la curiosité musicale insatiable


FRANCE, Marseille/ SPAIN Festival Solas, Madrid/ DANMARK, Festival Transit Holstebro
FRANCE, tournée CCAS Alpes du sud, Paris, Marseille/INDIA, Festival Tandithathri, Pondicherry, Auroville/DANMARK: Ringkøbing
FRANCE: tournée CCAS Corse, Marseille, Audincourt/UNITED-KINGDOM: Cardiff/SERBIA: Théâtre BItef, Belgrade
FRANCE: Babelmed, et Festival De vive voix,Marseille, Les Lilas/ BRAZIL: Festival Vertice Florianopolis
GERMANY: tournée Klang Kosmos/ DANMARK: Festival Transit, Holstebro
2003 -2004
FRANCE: Marseille, Lyon
  • Danemark 2009

  • Madrid 2013

  • Casting

    2009 to 2011, singers:

    Helen Chadwick, Nato Zumbadzé, Nana Kalandadzé, Caty Delolme, Sabine Boukobza, Brigitte Cirla

    de 2011 à 2014, singers

    Helen Chadwick ou Tania Zolty or Vincent Audat
    Marianne Suner
    Brigitte Cirla

    Lumières : Raphaël Verley
    Son : Dominique Clément