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Tout Moreau (2016-19)

Jeanne Moreau’s songs rocked my childhood, my mother hummed them all the time. Jeanne and her songs are a little part of my family.” B. Cirla

Playing with their skills and their personalities, Eléonore Bovon and Brigitte Cirla, both singer, performer and composer celebrate one of the most fascinating characters of the french cultural heritage: Jeanne Moreau.

Through its most famous songs, like « le tourbillon » immortalized by Jules and Jim’s movie, and also its lesser-known Norge interpretations, the perfomance Tout Moreau unveils the route and the words of a free woman, asserted in her artistic choices and personal commitments.

The cello of Marie Tournemouly accompanies them singing the time flying away, the inalterable order of the seasons, the intensity of the moment, and an Epicurean vision of intense and absolute love, free from any hypocrisy and doctrine: just like Jeanne Moreau.

The perfomance Tout Moreau is a recital lasting one hour and quarter and mixes songs and texts as messages sent to Jeanne Moreau, Brigitte Bardot, François Truffaut, echoing the great artist’s carreer.

The registered Jeanne Moreau’s voice is also heard at moments, claiming her artistic and loving choices.

  • Tout Moreau - © C. ACQUART 2015
    Tout Moreau – © C. ACQUART 2015
  • Tout Moreau - © C. ACQUART 2015
    Tout Moreau – © C. ACQUART 2015
  • Tout Moreau - © C. ACQUART 2015
    Tout Moreau – © C. ACQUART 2015
  • Tout Moreau - © C. ACQUART 2015
    Tout Moreau – © C. ACQUART 2015
“I don’t give a shit about happiness, what’s important is joy, and the possibility of experiencing all the emotions…” J. Moreau


France 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
2/3/16 Paris, 15, 16/05/16 les Lilas, 24/11/16 Marseille, 9/2/17 Chaumont, 3/3/17 Langres, 10/06/18 Merville, 9/03/18 Marseille
Danmark 2016
10/06 Holstebro, Festival Transit
Italy 2017
1/04 Fara Sabina, Potlach Teatro
Argentine 2017
3/11 Buenos Aires, 17/11 Wilde, 20/11 Mar de Plata, Festival Magdalena 2a generacion
Serbia 2018
14/07 Belgrade, Festival Bitef 5/08 Niš, 7/08 Sokobanja Festival international jazz and theatre
Brazil 2018
13/11 Rio de Janeiro Festival Multicidade
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