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The Enchanters (2017-18)

Creation with children of the synopsis, dialogues and actions of a musical sung and danced by themselves, based on a story invented with them in 2016-17 («Les Désenchanteurs», a tale about a world without music and dance, published as a booklet).

Once upon a time, there was a class of children happy to live to the point of provoking the anger of the Disenchanters. Why? Go for it!

We will only know that children who sing and dance paint the world with the colors of joy of life…

A musical written, sung and danced by the School ofla Busserine with Voix polyphoniques.

  • Casting

    Brigitte Cirla : stage director
    Éléonore Bovon : author, composer
    Nadine Esteve : orchestration and musical arrangements

    Bénédicte Raffin : choreographer
    Isabelle Lorenzino : musical training
    Virginie Bréger : costumes

    Pascal D’Estaing : teacher CM2 Ecole élémentaire Busserine
    Isabelle Martin : teacher CE2-CM1 Ecole élémentaire Busserine
    Céline Tavera : teacher CM1 Ecole élémentaire Busserine

  • Partners

    With the support of DSDEN 13, DAAC 13, La Fondation de France,  La Fondation Logirem, Marseille township, la Caisse des écoles, Voix polyphoniques and l’Association des parents d’élèves de la Busserine.