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The Disenchanters (2016-17)

A cultural and educational project Voix Polyphoniques – La Busserine School

This project developed from the reflections and exchanges we had two years ago with a pupil of the second grade, around the prohibition of singing, of dancing … “because it would not be good”. These reflections were not an isolated case, and the artists in our project «Buss’rim’ailleurs» were confronted with the same remarks, in Marseille or in Haute-Marne. We thought about the idea of moving this essential debate into a project around a tale that would be co-written by the children, with songs and dances, the making of a small book and the possibility of public presentations.

The 72 children worked in monthly workshops with Eléonore Bovon, the songs were created in classrooms and rehearsed in choirs. The choreography was worked in each class with Bénédicte Raffin and Brigitte Cirla. The children made their masks and participated in the staging.

This project has enabled the personality and history of each child to be inscribed in a collective adventure. Led by passionate artists in a creative process, they shared with other adult amateurs, the same learning difficulties. With all of them they discovered the absolute necessity of perseverance to achieve a result: the richness of the written word, the pleasure of seeing themselves magnificent in the eyes of unknown audiences.

After «It’s Odd! From trash to books” in 2011-13, the adventure of “L’Envolée” in 2013-14, the children of La Busserine went on working with Eléonore Bovon, in a constant exchange between her proposals and theirs.


8 of June 2017
Théâtre du Merlan, Marseille
21 of June 2017
Fête de la musique, Temple Grignan, Marseille
  • Casting

    Brigitte Cirla : staging director
    Éléonore Bovon : author, composer and choir conductor

    Pascal D’Estaing : teacher  CM2 Ecole élémentaire Busserine
    Isabelle Martin : teacher CE2-CM1 Ecole élémentaire Busserine
    Céline Tavera : teacher CM1 Ecole élémentaire Busserine

    and the pupils of the  3 Classes of  l’École élémentaire de la Busserine: CE2-CM1, CM1 et CM2

  • Partners

    With the support of DSDEN 13, of Fondation Logirem, of Marseille township, of Caisse des écoles, of  Voix polyphoniques and of  l’Association des parents d’élèves de la Busserine.

    Huge thanks to  places and people who invited us:
    le Théâtre du Merlan (13014)
    Lieux Publics (13015)
    l’Espace Grignan (13001)
    et à la Maison de retraite de Fontainieu  (13014)