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Les uns les autres (each other)

A patient/caregiver singing workshop

The voice is an extraordinary tool. It is both the unique identity of each and the shortest means of communication with the other. The workshop focuses on the creation of a collective tool of expression: the choir.

How to sing together, how to sound together, how to share these emotions?
The voice is also a place of emotions and feelings and a gateway to the notion of pleasure, pleasure of singing.
The chorus is both the pleasure of singing with the other, the pleasure of being both a person and part of a group, it is the sharing of a language and a communication  beyond words and meanings.
Throughout these years, the patients have never expressed weariness of the choir or the group and on the contrary they have repeatedly reiterated their desire to continue.

For more than 20 years, this workshop took place once a week and proposed singing and vocal practice in the «music room» at the Friche belle de mai with 1 artist, psychiatric patients and caregivers/supervisors. (20 to 30 people)
Some years, 6 services, 4 of the Timone hospital and of the Conception hospital, 1 of Ste Marguerite hospital participated.
This group, “les uns les autres” was led successively by Marielle Haurant then by Marie Prost and welcomed other speakers/artists: Jean Tricot, Ana Woolf, …..
« Les uns les autres » has participated in many adventures of Voix Polyphoniques in Marseille : concerts in La fête du plateau each year, music festival concerts, inter-chorus meetings, concerts at De vives Voix festival, impromptu concerts at the hospital services…..