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The illusory bestiary (2005)

The animals from here welcome the animals from elsewhere

In the great tradition of the popular festivals that have set the city in the hive of activity, Marseille celebrates the Street Arts. It is at the edge of the water, Aux Quais du Large, on the J4, that this unique show around the harbour memory is organized. Marseille, a crossroads of exchanges and cultures, has often been the first port to discover, by sea, species, scents and unfamiliar tastes.
Marseille has always received animals on its land before their  transit to French or European zoos. Whether they came from Asia, Africa or the East, these sea travelers met their Provençal cousins one day.

To recreate this picture, 1,000 primary school children in Marseille sing a unique dialogue.
Two majestic scenes will face each other on 5 levels. Inspired by the Fables of La Fontaine, cicadas and ants will dialog with lions, penguins, giraffes and other elephants…

Dans la grande tradition des fêtes populaires qui ont mis la ville en effervescence, Marseille célèbre les Arts de la rue. C’est au bord de l’eau, Aux Quais du Large, sur le J4, que ce spectacle unique autour de la mémoire portuaire est organisé. Marseille, carrefour des échanges et des cultures, a souvent été le premier port à découvrir, par la mer, des espèces, des senteurs et des goûts inconnus.


23 juin 2005
Quai J4 à Marseille
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    Nadine Esteve music composition and creation of the soundtrack, with the complicity of Josef Avelmeir

    Brigitte Cirla texts, choir direction

    Recorded in GMEM studio, Marseille

    Artistic direction of the event  “Au Quai du Large” Bernard Souroque, Féeries Urbaines