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Immoral Recipes (2023-2024)

Sound drama for voice and live electronics

Literature and poetry are full of texts on the pleasures of great food, on the voluptuousness of wines, on the ambiguity of the art of
seduction and its relationship to the good food. French expressions and synonyms are legion; we devour, we swallow, we
snack, we ingest, we stuff ourselves, we eat, eating, we lunch, we dine, we taste, we soup, we peck, we gulp, we nourrish ourselves with delectation. Gastrolâtres are everywhere!
Sitting down at the table involves a multitude of implications in our school boy imaginations. And it is on this blurred border – suggested by nourishing but also sensual pleasures of the mouth – that the duo formed by Brigitte Cirla and Sébastien Béranger founds its performance.

A quasi-radio show performed and transformed in real time in front of the public

Immoral Recipes is based on the collection of the same name by Manuel Vásquez Montalbán. In his preface, the author states that
“Each of these recipes is a bet for another possible morality, for a hedonistic morality within the reach of the supporters of happiness.
immediate, consisting of using and even abusing innocent knowledge: know how to cook, know how to eat, try to learn to
love…”. The duo formed by Brigitte Cirla and Sébastien Béranger bases their writing work on a joyful premise.



2 novembre 2023
Sortie de résidence Chapelle Venel Aix en Provence
7 décembre 2023
Gare aux Artistes (Toulouse)
21 janvier 2024
Pic Télémaque, Marseille
5 avril 2024
Le Frigo à Albi
6 Avril 2024
Ferme du temple, Grateloup
  • Résidencies

    • Writing/Designing : september – november 2023 @ Friche Belle de Mai
    (salon de musique) et au Centre International de Poésie de Marseille
    • Writing/Designing : november 2023 @ La Maison des écritures
    contemporaines (MéCA), Aix-en-Provence (MéCA)
    • Rehearsals from 4 to 8 décember 2023 + CRÉATION @ La Gare aux Artistes,
    • Performance : décember 2023 @festival Les promesses de l’aube, Aix-enProvence
    • Rehearsals+ Presentation (18/01/24) + Performance (21/01/24) : du 15
    au 21 janvier 2024 @ PIC Télémaque, Marseille
    • Rehearsals+ Perfomance & reprise : dates à définir @ Astronef,
    • Rehearsal+ Performance: 2 to 5 april 2024 @ Le Frigo, Albi
    • Rehearsals, médiation & performance: July 2024 @ FestiVOCE, CNCM Voce,
    Pigna (Corse)


  • Les Partenaires et Producteurs

    Difffusion, delegated production
    Created in April 2019, the association Difffusion is dedicated to musical creation and contemporary languages. It promotes the intersection between music and other artistic disciplines. Difffusion defends the proposals of its artists through the dissemination, promotion and mediation of their works.
    The company is based in the PACA region where it carries out most of its artistic and educational activities. Around the performing arts and mediation, it has forged many links and partnerships with local artistic structures: gmem-CNCM-marseille, PIC Télémaque, Vasarely Fondation, Karwan association, 6mic, Fabrique Mimont (Cannes), Voix Polyphoniques…
    Difffusion carries and supports a significant number of musical and transdisciplinary projects. Difffusion works on hybrid artistic proposals, at the crossroads of mediation, new technologies and live performance. The aim is to offer new forms of concerts that integrate mediation and a playful approach to musical content.
    The association mainly targets the general public and new places, in particular to open contemporary musical creation to new listeners.