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Crogerlia “Street for sale” (2008)

« Crogerlia – Festival Stedsans 2008 Porsgrunn, Norway

Creation of musical street theatre for 4 musicians, a performer, a crew and singers.

Carla Garden, real estate agent, sells the whole street: its gardens, its houses, its inhabitants, the 20 years of happiness to come, the future project of a marina, the living culture… ” Everything is included in the price”. Armed with a megaphone and a team of gardeners, musicians, singers, true and false inhabitants, she guides the public/customers in a surreal visit, on a tone of liberalism..


2 to 6 september
Porsgrunn, Norway
  • Casting

    Artistic and musical direction : Brigitte Cirla, Nadine Esteve
    Music: Nadine Esteve
    Text : Guandaline Sagliocco

    With: Guandaline SAGLIOCCO, comédienne
    Les musicians, performers of Dah Theater and Grenland Friteater

    Coproduction Grenland Friteater & Voix Polyphoniques