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Buss’Rim’Ailleurs (2014-2015)

In 2013-2014 the children participated in the writing of the musical tale «L’envolée» with Eléonore Bovon in a constant round trip between her proposals and theirs. They also participated in the musical creation of some songs. Three concerts were held during the year to present their work, including one with adults, amateur choristers. The children gave body and reality to the childhood part of the story of Gaspard and Fériel which form a whole with the concert of adults.

In 2014/2015,
they also continued the history of Gaspard and Fériel, the concert Bus’Rim’Ailleurs and the workshops of musical formation with Nadine Amrani.
they participated in the production of street music show: «A tue texte» children/adults, they discovered another musical writing with Edith Azam, poet and Alex Grillo, composer, and the staging with Brigitte Cirla and Jean-Marie Maddedu (directors). The children took part in the production of this new show: «A tue texte»
They discovered silkscreen printing with Paquito Bolino at the Friche Belle in May.


14 june 2015
Rencontres vocales Marseille
15 june 2015
Chapelle Saint Joseph Marseille
17 june 2015
Espace culturel Busserine
20 june 2015
Picon station Marseille
21 june 2015
Fête de la musique Marseille
  • Casting

    The artistic team :
    Brigitte Cirla : conductor, artistic director
    Nadine Amrani : musical training teacher,  musician
    Eléonore Bovon : author/ composer
    Alex Grillo : composer
    Jean-Marie Maddeddu : singer, staging director
    Tania Zolty : musical training teacher

    The pedagogical team
    the teachers of the school la Busserine (14ème Marseille):
    Isabelle Martin : teacher
    Magali Salivet : teacher
    Pascal D’estaing: teacher

  • Partners

    Voix Polyphoniques is the production structure.
    The project was funded  by La Fondation de France, la Fondation HSBC, la Fondation Logirem, la Fondation SNCF.

    Les partners of this project :
    GMEM : national music creation center
    Lieux Publics, National Street Arts Centre
    Espace culturel Busserine
    La Friche Belle de Mai
    Restaurant Les Grandes Tables